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£1000 Saved in Three Different Ways - December 2023

I started a financial experiment three years ago comparing the returns on different ways of saving £1000. I wanted to see in real £££ and % growth (or loss), how the savings were changing over time and which savings pots grew the fastest. This was me putting my money where my mouth is to show… Read More »

Ways to Increase Business Savings - December 2023

Making business profit shouldn’t be the only goal. You must have more to set aside as savings. You can do more if you have funds to work around with. For instance, you can use them for expansion or franchise. If you’re looking for ways to increase savings, these ideas will help. Be diligent in collecting… Read More »

Simple Ways to Help Save Money - December 2023

The continuous rise in the prices of goods, while the salary stays the same, prompts many people to recheck how they manage their budget. If you find yourself in this situation, you are probably looking for ways to cut down your expenses. You can make simple changes to help manage your finances better during these… Read More »

Avoid Getting Burned by These Summer Scams - December 2023

While the summer sun is blazing, there’s something else heating up – scams. Whether you’re looking for a temporary job, planning your holiday away, being active on social media, or hunting for the best events, fraudsters are ready and waiting. This guide will help you avoid getting caught in common scams, some of which might… Read More »