All about walnut Insurance June 2023

By | April 15, 2022

Walnut Insurance s a Canadian and US insurance business that has built a technology infrastructure that offers multiple lines of embedded insurance for brokers, employers, and other financial platforms and services.

“Walnut provides life insurance as a premium membership. Simple plans, instant coverage and exciting member benefits from brands millennials know and love. Our goal is to provide life insurance coverage to a larger proportion of the population, to serve the underserved audience, and to acquire those consumers early in the life insurance journey to build trust, and earn the right to serve them as their needs evolve. We make getting life insurance coverage as easy as picking a tier of Netflix.”

What makes Walnut different?

Our team at Walnut is on a mission to make life insurance accessible and improve the lives of our members with access to valuable member benefits.

Accessible Pricing: We’re spearheading price-first life insurance memberships to create a transparent and trustworthy online buying experience. You’ll always know how much you’re paying right from the start. You can feel comfortable that you’ll never be blindsided by additional fees or commissions.

Member Benefits: To help you live your best life our memberships include access to relevant products and services in addition to your life insurance. These are included as part of your monthly payment and you’ll have access as long as your membership is active.

Walnut Insurance

Can I trust Walnut?

Our goal is to build a trusting relationship with you. We promise to never oversell you and will have your back as your needs change. Our licensed customer service reps are not commissioned agents, so you can count on unbiased helpful advice.

To ensure you have the best coverage we have partnered with SBLI a trusted life insurance carrier that has covered over 1 million US families and has paid out over 4 billion dollars in claims. You can find out more about our carrier at

What insurance products does Walnut offer?

Walnut currently offers term life insurance available in 10-year terms and personal cyber protection.

Why should I buy term life insurance?

There are multiple reasons someone would prefer to choose term life insurance. The premium prices are much more affordable, if you need something that would protect your family but are on a budget this is the perfect option. It’s also great if you have a family with a mortgage, debt, loans, or want to put your kids through college. This is equally important to have if you have shared investments with a serious partner or even a business partner, the policy would help to protect them from financial loss or burden. The length of the policy would reflect how long you would need to protect your loved ones to cover your finances in the event of an unexpected death.

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