Top 10 Jobs in Demand in Poland for Foreigners in 2024

By | February 23, 2024

Are you looking for a job in Poland but don’t speak Polish yet? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of opportunities for you! This article explores the top 10 professions in high demand in Poland in 2023, where you can find work even without speaking the language.

Before diving into the specific jobs, let’s understand the “Occupational Barometer.” It’s a yearly report that identifies professions facing shortages in different regions of Poland.


This helps employers and job seekers understand where the demand is highest.

Top 10 Jobs In Poland for Foreigners

  1. Construction Carpenter (Deficit in 58% of regions): Carpenters build and maintain wooden structures on construction sites. They need to be comfortable working outdoors in various weather conditions.
  2. Roofer (Deficit in 56% of regions): Roofers specialize in installing and repairing roofs on buildings. They are crucial for ensuring the proper functioning and protection of structures.
  3. Electricians and Electromechanics (Deficit in 79% of regions): These professionals handle electrical installations, assemble and maintain electrical equipment, and perform repairs.
  4. Truck Driver (Deficit in 96% of regions): If you have a C+E driving license, you won’t struggle to find work as a truck driver in Poland. The demand is high, and the salaries are competitive.
  5. Warehouse Worker (Deficit in 67% of regions): Warehouse workers receive, store, and issue goods. This job is in high demand across various industries.
  6. Bricklayers and Plasterers (Deficit in 66% of regions): These individuals build and repair brick and plaster structures. They need specific training and skills to perform their duties effectively.
  7. Earthmoving Equipment Operators and Mechanics (Deficit in 74% of regions): Operate and maintain machinery used for earthwork, road construction, and other related tasks.
  8. Construction Finishing Workers (Deficit in 59% of regions): Handle tasks like drywall installation, painting, wallpapering, and floor laying in construction projects.
  9. Construction Workers (Deficit in 62% of regions): Perform various construction and renovation tasks, including carpentry, assembly, demolition, masonry, and plastering.
  10. Welders (Deficit in 80% of regions): Welders join metal elements using heat sources. They ensure the quality and strength of the welds in various construction and manufacturing applications.

If you see a profession that matches your skills and experience, consider exploring job opportunities in Poland. Remember, even though these jobs don’t require Polish language proficiency initially, learning the language can open doors to better career prospects in the long run.


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