Moving to Poland? Essential Things Carry Along

By | February 23, 2024

Planning a move to Poland for work? This article guides you through the essential items to pack, making your transition smoother.

Essential Things To Carry Along When Moving To Poland

Hair Care:

Comb: Afro-textured hair requires specific combs. Bring your own from your home country as suitable options might be scarce in Poland.

Shampoo, Conditioner, Relaxer (if applicable): Familiar brands might be unavailable or expensive in Poland. Pack enough to last you until you find suitable replacements.

Hair Cream, Wigs: These can be difficult to find or expensive in Poland, so bring your preferred products and enough wigs for your initial stay.


Limited Winter Clothes: Pack one winter jacket initially. You can find affordable winter wear in Poland once you arrive.

Thermal wear, Jeans, GINGER: These are crucial for keeping warm during harsh winters.

Adaptable Clothing: Opt for versatile pieces that can be layered for different weather conditions.


Spices, Curry Powder, Seasonings: Familiar flavors might be unavailable or expensive in Poland. Pack a limited supply to tide you over until you find alternatives.

Dried/Frozen Leafy Vegetables: Fresh options might be limited or expensive. Consider bringing dried or frozen alternatives.

Non-perishable Staples: Pack essentials like beans, noodles, and powdered milk to supplement your initial meals.

Prescription Medication: Obtain a doctor’s note and sufficient medication to last you until you establish healthcare in Poland.

Other Essentials:

Comfortable Shoes: Opt for practical footwear suitable for walking and navigating various terrains.

Bed linen and Towels: Consider bringing these if you have specific preferences or anticipate difficulty finding suitable options upon arrival.

Research local availability: Before packing, research the availability and cost of specific items in Poland to avoid overpacking unnecessary things.

Prioritize: Pack essential items first and consider the weight and luggage restrictions.

Embrace adaptability: Be prepared to adjust your routine and find alternatives for items you cannot bring.

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